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About us

 We are a company specializing in building maintenance and cleaning services, and we provide services Immediate quality of high quality with attention to the smallest details, as we can do all Maintenance services for your property by our specialized team of technicians and engineers And customer service staff to help you work and live better.

The date of our start of business goes back to 2015 as a pioneering company in providing assistance, and the company practiced the profession in the same year in many institutions and vital facilities, where the company introduced many modern technologies in the field of cleaning by working with international quality standards, which made it the leader in the cleaning world.

The founder of the company : Majid Abdel Rahman Attieh

Establishment Date : 2015



Cleaning building windows

Cleaning building windows and glass fronts. As well as cleaning the glass facades of large buildings using the latest cranes or safe nets. We have a team of expert glass cleaners to make sure your glass is clean and sparkling

  • Glass wash complete, to remove smudges, stains and dust
  • Remove signs of debris and insects from walls
  • Cleaning the exterior windows
  • Above that, the personnel are professionally experienced, equipped with all necessary safety equipment to ensure the safety of your property when working at height, and of course themselves.
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Clean balconies, garages, parking lots and surrounding areas of buildings.

Water tank cleaning service

Our team uses water systems cleaning experts will work to maintain the water tanks and water systems and make them work in an excellent manner, and to the highest levels of hygiene, with our specialized expertise in cleaning work and the appropriate products for each operation

  • Descaling and removing all residues.
  • Disinfection Scrubbing and washing of all surfaces of the tanks
  • Cleaning the surfaces after cleaning the tanks

Air conditioner cleaning

If your air conditioner malfunctions during the hot summer season, this will cause a lot of inconvenience to your family, customers, or employees, but if you contract with our company there will be no cause for concern again, and we will deal with your air conditioning problems quickly and efficiently, and furthermore you will reduce maintenance Preventive periodicity from the occurrence of such faults

Floor cleaning of all kinds, wooden, marble and porcelain

Achieving, cleaning and maintaining wooden floors of the highest quality and preserving your buildings

Recruitment and employment of manpower

Recruitment licensed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to contribute to the employment of all foreign workers
Specializations, fields, and qualifications … as our services include advertising, search and investigation on your behalf for employees from all over the world who are qualified according to your needs and according to the fields and specializations required, in addition to that we do a comprehensive evaluation of the applicant to work and his eligibility according to the highest standards, whatever the job of the candidate and then ensure the reliability of all documents and documents. Before nominating him to you.

Cleaning the lands and rugs

Cleaning carpets, rugs and furniture of all kinds with the latest technology and the use of steam.

Swimming pool maintenance and cleaning

Maintenance and landscaping

Pest Control

Restaurant Cleaning

Building Maintenance

Trusted & Experienced
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Reliable & Fully Insured

Our Projects


Cleaning up labor recruitment for Al Mansour Mall.


Cleaning up labor recruitment at Zayouna Mall.


Cleaning up labor recruitment at Nakel Mall.


Cleaning up labor recruitment at Nakel Mall.


Cleaning and bringing in manpower for the Royal Galaxy restaurants group


And some global agencies, institutions and other vital facilities.

What You Can Expect From Us

The Iraqi market is looking forward to the presence of distinguished cleaning companies in order to be able to meet the great demand for cleaning, maintenance and durability, while adhering to the size and the distinguished quality in completing these works from here. To save more than that

Our company is proud to be among the companies that contribute to the implementation of projects in
Iraq. The use of what is new and available between the hands during the short period of time. The use of modern technical devices, equipment and machinery, so our company decided and always remains ready to develop this country to the best it can be by preparing us for everything that serves the interest of the companies and the sustainability of their work.

Happy Customers

The quality of cleaning is excellent. They are dependable. A morning appointment is very important to me and they always keep that time frame. I also feel very confident that my home is secure during their visits

The maids personnel are professional, friendly, flexible and care about their clients. The products used are not toxic or damaging as most store bought are. I recommend Maids to friends and acquaintances all the time because I know they will be as happy with their wonderful staff and products as I have been.

Our company is ISO certified

Global Quality Certification Ltd GQC


ISO 9001

ISO 22000

Contact Information

Our company can provide cleaning services in ministries, airports, hospitals, malls, companies, restaurants, hotels, commercial agencies, as well as many other vital places.

Baghdad - Al-Mansour District - M 601 Alley 20 House 150
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